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Diverse Ecology is an ecological consultancy with experience in environmental management from 1989. We offer specialist services based on extensive experience and knowledge to provide best practice solutions for positive outcomes for our clients.

Servicing a wide range of industries we have experience operating across Australia and South East Asia with project involvement from Lao PDR, Papua New Guinea and most states and territories within Australia.

Diverse Ecology has experience in operating within International and National environmental legislation including;

  • IFC Biodiversity Protocols; 
  • ADB Environmental Assessment Guidelines;
  • NSW Environmental Legislation;
  • Commonwealth Environmental Legislation; 

Diverse Ecology is a proven performer experienced in offering the following services;

  • Flora and Fauna surveys; 
  • Impact assessment;
  • Review of Environmental Factors REF;
  • GIS Habitat Mapping and Analysis;
  • Species Impact Statements;
  • Vertebrate Pest survey and management;
  • Fauna Identification, and
  • Environmental Management.



Long-tongued nectar bat Macroglossus minimus. Diverse Ecology


Diverse Ecology was born out the desire of the principal to provide clients a service based on trust and transparency through the life of projects with no hidden costs or variations. We have the mantra of working anywhere and going the extra mile to achieve our goals.

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Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Haematopus longirostris. Diverse Ecology

Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Haematopus longirostris. Diverse Ecology


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